Groundhog Day… seriously?!

I am absolutely stunned that, in the year 2010, not only are there people that still consider Groundhog Day to be a legitimate "holiday", but more so that there are STILL people- grown adults!- that buy in to all this groundhog bullshit. I mean really, really buy in to it. Look, I can appreciate Punxsutawney, … Continue reading Groundhog Day… seriously?!


Dear 2009: Don’t let the door hit ya…

As we get ready to welcome 2010 at midnight Friday, I thought I'd take a moment to bitch-slap 2009 for being such a screwed-up year before I unceremoniously kick it to the curb. 2009 will, in my opinion, be known as the year of Dead Celebrities.  2009 saw the deaths of many famous people- some … Continue reading Dear 2009: Don’t let the door hit ya…

Real men get suspended for wearing pink

There was this story in the SJ-R today. Yes, I agree:  the bus driver should have asked prior to wearing the all-offending tie, to make sure his pinhead supervisor was okay with it.  They DO have a dress code.  But holy crap, is calling awareness to one of the largest causes of death among women … Continue reading Real men get suspended for wearing pink