RIP Oscar Taveras 1992-2014

As with many members of Cardinal Nation (ugh, how I hate that term), I was shocked last night to hear of the tragic passing of the Cardinals' very promising young prospect, Oscar Taveras, and his girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo. They were tragically killed in a car crash in Taveras' home country of the Dominican Republic. My … Continue reading RIP Oscar Taveras 1992-2014


R.I.P. Mayor Tim Davlin

Springfield's mayor, Tim Davlin, was found dead in his home yesterday morning from "an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound".  I'm not here to speak on how he died, why he died, any sort of speculation into that or any sort of conspiracy, actual or perceived. I want to speak about the man. I never met Mayor … Continue reading R.I.P. Mayor Tim Davlin

Dear 2009: Don’t let the door hit ya…

As we get ready to welcome 2010 at midnight Friday, I thought I'd take a moment to bitch-slap 2009 for being such a screwed-up year before I unceremoniously kick it to the curb. 2009 will, in my opinion, be known as the year of Dead Celebrities.  2009 saw the deaths of many famous people- some … Continue reading Dear 2009: Don’t let the door hit ya…