Super Bowl Exlix musings

So the Super Bowl was last night. Two teams about which I could not possibly care less playing for a ridiculous amount of money. (Don't get me started on the NFL's status as a [exaggerated air quotes] "not for profit" company.) Anyway, here are some thoughts on last night's ridiculous spectacle: -Three hours before kickoff, … Continue reading Super Bowl Exlix musings

The kindness of strangers

I'm in Westport Plaza this weekend for the wife's company's annual "management appreciation" weekend (basically, it's a weekend-long drunk disguised as "work" because they go to meetings on Saturday). I drove up to the McDonald's at the edge of the Westport compound for a couple Egg McMuffins and coffee.  As I'm eating, the TV is showing … Continue reading The kindness of strangers

St. Patrick’s Day

Or as I call it, Let's Drink For The Sake Of Drinking And Use The Excuse Of "Ethnic Heritage" Day. Oh, come on, people... "Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day"?!  Jeez... looking for a justification for your alcoholism much? St. Patrick's Day is nothing more than yet another ridiculous late-winter "holiday" along with Groundhog Day … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day