St. Patrick’s Day

Or as I call it, Let's Drink For The Sake Of Drinking And Use The Excuse Of "Ethnic Heritage" Day. Oh, come on, people... "Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day"?!  Jeez... looking for a justification for your alcoholism much? St. Patrick's Day is nothing more than yet another ridiculous late-winter "holiday" along with Groundhog Day … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day

The other useless February “holiday”

Oh, like my Groundhog Day post didn't lend itself to a similar Valentine's Day post.  Don't act so shocked.  And yes, I think I posted something similar last year or the year before, but all my posts disappeared late last year, so I'm doing it again.  Shut up and read it. |+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+| This coming Sunday … Continue reading The other useless February “holiday”