Suck it, 2016. Suck it hard.

The following list contains the names of just a handful of the people we lost in 2016. These are just the more widely known people. The Grim Reaper must have been getting some major OT this year.

4: Robert Stigwood, manager (Cream, the Bee Gees); producer (‘Saturday Night Fever’, ‘Grease’)
6: Pat Harrington, actor (One Day at a Time)
7: Richard Libertini, character actor (‘All of Me’, ‘Fletch’, ‘Popeye’)
10: David Bowie, singer/songwriter/musician
14: Alan Rickman, actor (‘Die Hard’, ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’, the Harry Potter films)
15: Dan Haggerty, actor (The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams)
16: Ted Marchibroda, former NFL player & head coach
17: “Iron” Mike Sharpe, ex-WWF wrestler
18: Glenn Frey, singer/songwriter/musician (The Eagles) [this one was extremely hard for me for two reasons: 1, he was one of my favorite musicians, and 2, he died on my birthday]
26: Abe Vigoda, actor (Barney Miller, ‘The Godfather’)
28: Paul Kantner, singer/songwriter/musician (Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship)

2: Bob Elliott, comedian (Bob and Ray)
4: Maurice White, singer/songwriter/musician (Earth, Wind, & Fire)
13: Antonin Scalia, U.S. Supreme Court justice and total asshat
15: George Gaynes, actor (Punky Brewster, the ‘Police Academy’ movies)
15: Vanity, singer/actress; evangelist
16: Boutros Boutros-Ghali, politician/diplomat
19: Harper Lee, author, To Kill a Mockingbird
25: Tony Burton, character actor (probably best known to most from the ‘Rocky’ movies)
28: George Kennedy, actor (‘Airport’, ‘The Naked Gun’, ‘Cool Hand Luke’)

6: Nancy Reagan, former First Lady
10: Keith Emerson, musician (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer)
17: Larry Drake, actor (L.A. Law, ‘Darkman’)
18: Joe Santos, actor (The Rockford FilesThe Sopranos)
23: Joe Garagiola, baseball player & announcer
23: Ken Howard, actor (The White Shadow)
24: Garry Shandling, comedian
28: James Noble, actor (Benson, ’10’)
29: Patty Duke, actress (The Patty Duke Show)

6: Merle Haggard, singer/songwriter
7: Blackjack Mulligan, ex-WWF wrestler
9: Will Smith, ex-NFL player
17: Doris Roberts, actress (Everybody Loves Raymond)
20: Joanie Laurer (aka Chyna), ex-WWF/WWE wrestler
21: Prince, singer/musician/songwriter/all-around BAMF

8: William Schallert, character actor (countless movies and TV shows; look him up- you’ve seen SOMETHING he’s been in)
19: Morley Safer, journalist (60 Minutes)
19: Alan Young, actor (Mr. Ed)

3: Muhammad Ali, boxing champion, activist, G.O.A.T.
6: Kimbo Slice, mixed martial artist
10: Gordie Howe, NHL Hall of Famer
28: Pat Summit, winningest college basketball coach in history

19: Garry Marshall, producer/director (Happy DaysLaverne & Shirley; ‘Pretty Woman’)
21: Dennis Green, ex-NFL head coach
22: The white oak tree featured in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ (I simply thought this factoid was interesting)

2: David Huddleston, actor (‘Blazing Saddles’, ‘The Big Lebowski’)
10: John Saunders, sports journalist/broadcaster
13: Kenny Baker, actor (R2D2 from the ‘Star Wars’ movies)
14: Fyvush Finkel, actor (Boston PublicPicket Fences)
19: Jack Riley, actor (The Bob Newhart Show; ‘Spaceballs’)
19: Donald Henderson, M.D., physician credited with eradicating smallpox
23: Steven Hill, actor (Mission: ImpossibleLaw & Order)
28: Mr. Fuji, ex-WWF wrestler & manager
29: Gene Wilder, actor (‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Blazing Saddles’, ‘Young Frankenstein’)

5: Phyllis Schlafly, lawyer and conservative nutjob
11: Alexis Arquette, actress (‘The Wedding Singer’, ‘Pulp Fiction’)
24: Buckwheat Zydeco, bandleader
24: Bill Nunn, actor (‘Do the Right Thing’, ‘Sister Act’, ‘Regarding Henry’)
25: Arnold Palmer, Hall of Fame golfer

21: Kevin Meaney, comedian/actor (‘Big’, ‘Uncle Buck’)

7: Leonard Cohen, singer/songwriter
7: Janet Reno, lawyer/politician; first female U.S. Attorney General
8: Any semblance of decency, goodness, and equality for all Americans
11: Robert Vaughn, actor (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
14: Gwen Ifill, journalist (PBS Newshour)
24: Florence Henderson, actress (The Brady Bunch)
25: Fidel Castro, former prime minister of Cuba
25: Ron Glass, actor (Barney Miller)

4: Margaret Whitton, actress (‘Major League’)
7: Greg Lake, singer/songwriter/musician (King Crimson; Emerson, Lake, & Palmer; Asia)
8: John Glenn, astronaut/U.S. Senator
13: Alan Thicke, actor/songwriter (Growing Pains)
14: Bernard Fox, actor (Bewitched)
15: Craig Sager, sportscaster
17: Harry Heimlich, physician/inventor of the Heimlich maneuver
18: Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress/socialite
24: Richard Adams, author (Watership Down)
25: George Michael, singer/songwriter (Wham!)
25: Vera Rubin, astronomer; innovator of dark matter theory
27: Carrie Fisher, actress (‘Star Wars’, ‘The Blues Brothers’); author (Postcards from the Edge)
28: Debbie Reynolds, actress/singer (‘Singin’ in the Rain’, ‘Tammy and the Bachelor’)

And, as I said, those are just the more widely known folks– I’m sure I’ve missed some. Quite a few people on this list took a sizable piece of me with them.

That’s not even taking into account the lesser known, not to mention the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the plane crash that claimed almost an entire Brazilian soccer team, or the victims of the countless shootings, riots, and other completely avoidable and unnecessary causes of so many deaths.

Aaaaaaaand, on a selfish note, I lost my beloved golden retriever, Franklin, in May, and my uncle Steve Stearns in June. Plus, so many- too many- people I know personally lost friends and family this year. I have a very dear friend who lost a 19-year-old former student just days ago due to a seemingly completely random shooting.

Suffice it to say that, while some good things did [allegedly] happen throughout the year (huge shout-out to the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs), 2016 absolutely SUCKED, for the most part, and it can go choke on a giant bag of dicks.

I’m actually a little hesitant to post this, simply because there are still several hours left in this year, and I’m worried I’ll have to update the list.

May 2017 be a better year. I’m almost afraid to see it if it ends up being worse than 2016 was. Of course, 20 days in, the worst President in the history of the country takes office, so…

Seriously. Dude isn’t even officially PotUS yet and he’s already made George W. Bush look good by comparison.

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