If it weren’t for Facebook…

People who know me are probably sick by now of hearing how much I hate Facebook, yet can’t bring myself to actually leave Facebook, since most people won’t give me their cell phone numbers and/or email addresses, but instead say, “Just hit me up on Facebook.”

But that’s just it: I don’t WANT to hit you up on Facebook. Facebook is absolutely maddening. (And yes, I’m quite certain there is a hint for me to take in there somewhere. Wise ass.)

At any rate, there are exactly two things Facebook has going for it. One, it really is a very important tool for tracking down people you haven’t seen in years. There are many people on my friends list with whom I’d likely never have reconnected, were it not for Facebook and, for that, I am insanely grateful.

The other vital function Facebook serves is showing you which of your… friends… are racist and/or homophobic. Usually ‘and’.

Jeebus H. Cries, some of you. Seriously. And what is so incredibly difficult for me is that I really, REALLY like some of you a lot, and yet many of the things y’all post are just SO incredibly hateful and venomous. Why? Why are you like that?

Look, everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs (thanks a lot, Obama) but you really don’t have to share every single opinion and belief you hold. And, quite frankly, you probably shouldn’t, unless you don’t mind getting publicly called out for being a racist/sexist/homophobe/Islamophobe/all-other-religions-besides-Christianity-phobe/any-other-race-than-Caucasian-phobe/any-other-gender-or-gender-identity-or-sexual-orientation-than-straight-male (or straight female)-phobe or whichever applies at any given time.

I like all of my friends on Facebook a lot- if I didn’t, we wouldn’t be friends- but I gotta be honest: Some of you really disappoint me. And disgust me, to be brutally frank.


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