Random Saturday morning thoughts

– I hate Monopoly. It takes forever and the only way to win is to be the banker. Plus, the banker usually cheats.

– Being an extreme liberal is equally as detrimental to any form of political progress (AND equally as hateful) as is being an extreme conservative. SIDE NOTE: It’s time for some more moderate political parties to be allowed into the forefront. I heard a great quote a while back:

“If we keep pulling left and pulling right, we cannot move forward.”- Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker

– I am WAY too defensive.

– Seafood crepes are heavenly.

– Daylight Savings Time and the whole “setting your clocks forward/backward” thing need to be abolished. They’ve long outlived their practicality. Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight before bed.

– I wish I had a larger vocabulary. Mine is so… hell, I can’t think of the word.

– My city desperately needs a late-night sushi delivery service.

– Expanding the MLB playoffs and decreasing the regular season won’t change the fact that the baseball season is entirely too long. I dearly love baseball, but early April to early November is just too long to sustain passion for it.

– Trivia nights are fundraisers. I get that. But if the organizers ultimately want the winners’ prize money back, they shouldn’t offer it as a prize. Just say from the get-go that the prize is nothing more than bragging rights; I’m confident they’d still get roughly the same turnout.  Don’t attempt to guilt your players into giving the money back; that will wind up decreasing attendance.  Also, mulligans should be forever banned from trivia nights. I understand that they are mainly sold for extra money for the fundraisers, but if it’s extra money they want, I’d much rather pay $15-$20 for the entry fee- even if there were no prize money- than to reward people for not knowing the answers.  If you can’t win on your knowledge alone, you’re not meant to win.  Mulligans at trivia nights are the equivalent of allowing a batter another at bat right after he strikes out.

– School librarians should not lament about not having any help and then turn around and criticize the parents that volunteer in the library.

– If a major storm were to ever hit at 10AM on the first Tuesday of the month, we’ll likely all perish.

One thought on “Random Saturday morning thoughts

  1. I’ve always thought the same thing about a 10:00 tornado. I agree about monopoly taking too long to play. We used to leave it set up in my living room when I was a kid, and sometimes it took 2-3 days to get a game played, depending on the next time that my friend could come over.

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