Anti-pet peeves

Okay, so back when people used to read this blog, some of them used to comment about how I’m always bitching and complaining about one thing or another, and often asked is there anything that makes me happy.  Of course there is. It’s just easier to bitch and complain, and- at least back in the day- that always seemed to elicit more reaction than did the sunshiny buttercuppy posts.  So here goes, just a smattering of things that make me happy, smile, or just feel all warm & fuzzy:

-Doing something for or having something done for me by someone for no reason or request, and with no expectation of return. Perhaps even more so when for/by a stranger than for family/friends/acquaintances.

-Baseball, whether coaching my oldest L’il Johann’s team or watching the big boys play at Busch.

-A steak cooked to perfection.

-Sitting in my comfy chair every morning with my coffee and the newspaper. Screw that reading-the-paper-online crap. (Sorry, I guess that’s kinda complaining, isn’t it…)

-People about whom I care but with whom I disagree- politically, philosophically, or otherwise- that don’t let said disagreements affect our friendship/relationship.

-Spring and summer thunderstorms. Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes, but she sure is an artist.

-Accomplishing something I had no idea how to accomplish, or that I had no idea I’d ever be able to accomplish.

-Cold Stone Creamery’s Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip (and also their Oreo Creme Filling with fudge and brownie pieces added).

-A nice long drive.

-When someone says (and means) the words “I love you” to me- especially when followed by the word “Dad”.

-Making someone smile and/or laugh.

-The fact that there are a few women left in the word that will allow me to hold a door for them without giving me the “what- since I’m a woman I’m so helpless I can’t open my own door?!” lecture.

-The fact that I live in a country in which I can believe in the existence of God and you can believe in the nonexistence of God (or vice versa), I can agree with the President and/or our government and you can disagree (or vice versa), and neither of us can be imprisoned and/or executed for our beliefs. Or disbeliefs, as it were.


3 thoughts on “Anti-pet peeves

  1. Some of mine: Time spent with kids and grandkids; Being in Hanford to see my sister and my childhood home, see Grandma’s house, going to Superior Dairy, Hanford Spanish Cocina, and Hong Kong Gardens; being at the ocean (and IN the ocean), mainly at Pismo, Morro Bay, etc.

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