One juror: PRICELESS

You’re kidding me, right?

I mean, seriously, lone Blagjovonovajayjayjonovich juror, you’re joking, right?

Ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, accused of 24 different counts- not the least of which being trying to sell President Obama’s Senate seat, something he was caught ON TAPE doing- was “only” guilty of lying to a federal agent?!

So tell us… was it Blowjobevich that bought you off?  One of his cronies?  That foul-mouthed skank of a wife of his?  Or are you maybe in line for a big, BIG payday?  Like maybe a lucrative book deal, a nice cushy bullshit state job, maybe… I dunno… a Senate seat?

Now before you all go gasping in disgust at the very idea that I would suggest the juror was paid off, think about it.  Blowjo doesn’t need the entire jury; he only needs one to throw the wrench in the works.  Buying one juror is certainly within his price range, and MOST DEFINITELY in the realm of possibility- not to mention, right in the wheelhouse- for the cesspool of a crooked politician factory that is Chicago.  Hell, if he and Patti can drop $400K on clothes in 5 years, he can certainly scrape together enough cash to buy one juror.  Especially since she agreed to the one token guilty verdict, which will wind Blowjo up with nothing more than some fines (that don’t even come close to the aforementioned $400K clothing spending spree) and, likely, little to no prison time.  Pretty telling that one fellow juror that was interviewed said that she “apparently didn’t see what the rest of us saw”.

There are apparently no bounds to the level of corruption in government in the state of Illinois. Pathetic.

And to this holdout juror… I hope it was worth it.  Whatever amount of cash you got/will get, whatever perk(s), state job, pay raise, Playboy spread, whatever you wind up with… I seriously hope it was worth it. You dropped a giant deuce on the people of Illinois.



2 thoughts on “One juror: PRICELESS

  1. I’d probably work for the state of Illinois if it meant I got to live and work in Chicago. I love that place. It’s hard to say whether I might be a little corrupt if someone offered me that. Probably not, but it would be tempting.

    Anyway, let’s get back to words:

    Hot, classy women who say “vajayjay,” I have no problems with.

    Don’t go ruining it for me by incorporating it into the name of that dude.


    Good post, otherwise.

  2. I think it’s a job requirement to work for the State in Chicago: you MUST be corrupt.

    And duly noted ref. “vajayjay”. My bad.

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