Suck it, 2016. Suck it hard.

The following list contains the names of just a handful of the people we lost in 2016. These are just the more widely known people. The Grim Reaper must have been getting some major OT this year. January 4: Robert Stigwood, manager (Cream, the Bee Gees); producer ('Saturday Night Fever', 'Grease') 6: Pat Harrington, actor … Continue reading Suck it, 2016. Suck it hard.


Whale of a tale (sorry)

Because humans are the arrogant pieces of excrement that they are, I bet you anything a massive campaign begins to hunt down and kill the scourge and rid the world of the evil beasts known as grey whales. Story here.

Super Bowl Exlix musings

So the Super Bowl was last night. Two teams about which I could not possibly care less playing for a ridiculous amount of money. (Don't get me started on the NFL's status as a [exaggerated air quotes] "not for profit" company.) Anyway, here are some thoughts on last night's ridiculous spectacle: -Three hours before kickoff, … Continue reading Super Bowl Exlix musings

RIP Oscar Taveras 1992-2014

As with many members of Cardinal Nation (ugh, how I hate that term), I was shocked last night to hear of the tragic passing of the Cardinals' very promising young prospect, Oscar Taveras, and his girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo. They were tragically killed in a car crash in Taveras' home country of the Dominican Republic. My … Continue reading RIP Oscar Taveras 1992-2014

It’s the Pu-pocalypse!

No, not the POO-pocalypse- that is what happens after a night of White Castle and Milwaukee's Best. I said the PU-pocalypse, of which "Cardinal Nation" is in the midst due to Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals not coming to terms on a contract extension by today's noon deadline. Now I am the first to admit … Continue reading It’s the Pu-pocalypse!

The kindness of strangers

I'm in Westport Plaza this weekend for the wife's company's annual "management appreciation" weekend (basically, it's a weekend-long drunk disguised as "work" because they go to meetings on Saturday). I drove up to the McDonald's at the edge of the Westport compound for a couple Egg McMuffins and coffee.  As I'm eating, the TV is showing … Continue reading The kindness of strangers

St. Patrick’s Day

Or as I call it, Let's Drink For The Sake Of Drinking And Use The Excuse Of "Ethnic Heritage" Day. Oh, come on, people... "Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day"?!  Jeez... looking for a justification for your alcoholism much? St. Patrick's Day is nothing more than yet another ridiculous late-winter "holiday" along with Groundhog Day … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day

The other useless February “holiday”

Oh, like my Groundhog Day post didn't lend itself to a similar Valentine's Day post.  Don't act so shocked.  And yes, I think I posted something similar last year or the year before, but all my posts disappeared late last year, so I'm doing it again.  Shut up and read it. |+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+| This coming Sunday … Continue reading The other useless February “holiday”